Glass House Living

I've always been fascinated by glass houses and as much as I would love to say that I would live in one, I just don't think I could. It's not so much the privacy issue that I don't like but more of a safety issue. I think that glass houses can be stunning and beautiful but I get an uneasy feeling just looking at them. Images of earthquakes and glass shattering all over is what pops into my head - maybe it's because I am a Californian? There is also something a bit eerie of being in a glass house at night. Despite my fears, I think glass houses are gorgeous and I am amazed at how delicate they can look while remaining structurally sound. I think the only way I could manage having a glass house is if it were a pool/back house. That way I can enjoy the place in the day and not be scared out of my mind at night. Ya, that's a good compromise - Now, I just need to get a pool so I can have a glass pool house. Do you think you could live in a glass house?


  1. All of these houses are just stunning. I agree with the safety thing, but when they look this good it's hard to say no. x

  2. Claire, I totally know - I think I might get over the safety phobia if I had that last house! ps. I just looked at your blog and LOVE it!