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When it comes to face care, I typically stick to moisturizer, face wash and a good lip balm and that's about it.  As I start getting older I have been thinking that maybe it's time to start upping the ante and pay more attention to my face so I don't wake up one day as a wrinkly old lady. I was recommended the Vitamin K Brightening Serum by Naturopathica and I am so glad I tried it. It is a nutrient-rich cream that combines brightening Vitamin K with Mica and Silica to help improve skin tone. It's a bit of an investment ($72 a bottle) but you really only need the tiniest dab to get great results. Every morning I put a little dab under my eyes and make my tired "Do I really need to wake up right now?" face and make it bright, happy and vibrant. The eye serum smells like a spa in a bottle and it is invigorating to all the senses. The appropriately named "hero" ingredient is the vitamin K which helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles. I have been using the serum for about two weeks now and have already noticed not only how much brighter my skin has been but also how soft it is ...I love discovering new products, don't you?

A great thing about the Naturopathica website is that each product has a description of the ingredients and what each of their benefits are. For example, in the Brightening Vitamin K Eye Serum, you will find the following:
VITAMIN K: used in skin care to reduce skin discolorations
CAPE CHAMOMILE OIL: grown in the mountain areas of South Africa, this oil is known for its striking blue color due to its high azulene content. It possesses anti-inflammatory and soothing properties that can help aide in skin conditions such as eczema or other conditions that result from inflammation
MICA & SILICA: act as cosmetic concealers by refracting light to even skin tone and leave a flawless finish

Naturopathica products are beautifully packaged in signature blue bottles, are sustainable, and certified by ECOCERT. I had the eye serum shipped to my home and when it arrived, I was in awe of the biodegradable packaging pellets that cushioned the product. I placed the pellets under water and watched them dissolve into a soapy like substance - I am not sure how it happened but it was awesome.

While I have only tried the Vitamin K Eye Brightening Serum, Naturopathica carries a large array of face and body skin products that I don't doubt are just as wonderful as the eye serum. I can't wait to try another product from Naturopathica - I am thinking my next order will include the Honey Vanilla Lip Balm, the Pear Fig Polishing Enzyme Peel and the Daily Skin Care Starter Kit.  Using the eye serum and other Naturopathica products would be a great way to prep your skin for your wedding day and/or gift your bridesmaids by pampering them for all their support. If you were thinking of doing a spa day before your wedding, guess what? There is a Naturopathica Spa in East Hampton, NY and if you can't make it out to New York, you can find many spas, hotels, and resorts throughout the US where Naturopathica products are used. For a complete list of where you can find Naturopathica go here.  

Source: Naturopathica Holistic Health 

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