Just a Little Note to Say...

E-mails, Facebook messages, texts, and even a phone call cannot make a person feel as special and appreciated as receiving a little note in the mail to say, "Thank You," "I Love You," "Happy Birthday," or "Hello, I Miss You." I find it necessary to have a set of blank note cards on hand so that you are always for any occasion. If you don't keep them on hand, you most likely will forget to go purchase one in a timely manner and will never send it. Blank cards are great because you can use them for anything but it's also nice to have a few dedicated to Birthdays and Thank Yous.  Kate Spade and Etsy Sellers have beautiful stationary in a variety of style preferences. Be sure to get yourself some cards so you don't end up offending your friends. Okay, maybe you won't offend them but if you do this, you will make them feel extra special.

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