TEXTURE ISLAND: Big Island, Hawaii

Just as promised, I am sharing more photos from my trip to the Big Island. I don't know if it was because I was relaxed or what but everywhere I looked, I was overcome with inspiring ideas. The island is full of beautiful and unusual plants, textures and foliage. The colors can be vivid or subdued... the island has such a diverse variety of climates for just about every possible organism to grow and thrive there. The Earth has 13 different climate zones and with the exception of the Saharan and Arctic, Hawaii has all of them (pretty amazing). If you drive around the island you will find dessert, eucalyptus forests, country fields and mountains, rain forests and waterfalls, volcanoes and lava, and of course the ocean. From under the sea to the top of the volcanoes, I was eager to start creating prints and design schemes based off the interesting textures, colors and patterns that I came across. I did my best to capture the ones that really struck me. Hopefully you will be inspired too. Have a great Thursday everyone!

All images: Love.Inspire.Create


  1. great photos! you really did a great job of showing off the variety we have here on the Big Island, it very truly is a special place in many ways. Aloha!

  2. Mahalo Gwen! I have a special place in my hear for Hawaii! You're blessed to live there.