DIY: Sticker Wallpaper

If you picked up a copy of the September Issue of Elle Decor, a delicate yet playful wallpaper may have caught your eye (if it didn't, see it here). 25 year old, Payton Cosell Turner has turned the childish hobby of sticker collecting into a new art form/ design application. Payton's has created beautiful wallpaper designs with  thousands of hand-applied stickers which can be removed and re-applied in any space. 

From a distance, one would think that the design is a feminine and sophisticated one (and it is). Get up close, and you will see that the design is comprised of thousands of tiny STICKERS! Bears, flowers, Christmas trees, ladders and may other random forms are composed to create an overall outstanding design. I absolutely love this idea for a child's room. I am always thinking of ways to class up a child's room and yet keep it playful and relaxed - this is the perfect solution!

Sources: Payton Turner & Elle Decor


Textiles-Wallpaper-Rugs, Oh My!

Sometimes it can be very difficult to find a wallpaper or textile that doesn't look like it's been trapped in a late 80s/ early 90s time capsule. You know what I mean? Large floral and paisley prints in dusty reds and pinks... ya, no thank you! THANKFULLY, Galbraith & Paul have a large variety of beautiful hand blocked textiles, handmade rugs, studio printed wallpaper and even a line of block printed lighting and pillows - all of which are available in a large variety of gorgeous prints and colors ranging from modern to culture inspired designs. No matter what your style, Galbraith & Paul have something fabulous for everyone.

All Images: Galbraith & Paul 


Feature Friday: Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà, Verona, Italy

If you love (or at least can appreciate) all styles/periods of art, then it's pretty much guaranteed that you will fall in love with Byblos Art Hotel Villa Amistà. The hotel-museum boldly mixes modern and contemporary pieces with the existing classical architectural features of the 18th Century Italian Villa. Hotel owner, Dino Facchini (of the fashion label Byblos) hired architect, Alessandro Mendini to design and furnish the masterpiece. Mendini, famous for successfully juxtaposing different styles and cultures together, certainly created a unique and exciting concept for this hotel - especially considering its location. Surrounded by beautiful gardens in Verona, (home to star-crossed lovers, Romeo & Juliet) this hotel is anything but expected. Striking colors scream next to highly detailed architectural reliefs, creating an intriguing urge for more. 

Of the 60 rooms & suites, no two are alike. Each room has its own highly stylized mini-themed decor occurring - almost as if each room was its own exhibit space at a museum. The museum quality is provided by designer furnishings and art work by well known artists. You just might find yourself lounging in a Ball Chair by Eero Aarnio or sipping tea in a Phillipe Starck's Eros chair. The furniture alone is enough for me to stay here. However, I can understand why not everyone would be thrilled to see such a drastic mix of contemporary and classical being fused together but you have to admit, there is nothing else out there that compares to this and for that, it's worth praising.

So what do you think? Are you booking your trip to Verona now? I sure am thinking about it!

Photos: JetsetterHoosta/ Facebook