DIY: Sticker Wallpaper

If you picked up a copy of the September Issue of Elle Decor, a delicate yet playful wallpaper may have caught your eye (if it didn't, see it here). 25 year old, Payton Cosell Turner has turned the childish hobby of sticker collecting into a new art form/ design application. Payton's has created beautiful wallpaper designs with  thousands of hand-applied stickers which can be removed and re-applied in any space. 

From a distance, one would think that the design is a feminine and sophisticated one (and it is). Get up close, and you will see that the design is comprised of thousands of tiny STICKERS! Bears, flowers, Christmas trees, ladders and may other random forms are composed to create an overall outstanding design. I absolutely love this idea for a child's room. I am always thinking of ways to class up a child's room and yet keep it playful and relaxed - this is the perfect solution!

Sources: Payton Turner & Elle Decor


  1. Wow! I really appreciate the thought that you put into this article. This topic has been something I have been looking into for a few hours and your post is one of the best I have read.