In the Guest Chair with Arcadian Lighting: Ghost Chairs We Love

Today, Jenn from Arcadian Lighting is sitting in the Guest Ghost Chair. She will be exploring several stylish ways you can incorporate the Ghost Chair with your personal decor. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

From Jenn:
I'm Jenn and I write for Arcadian Lighting, which is an e-commerce website that profiles top lighting trends from around the world. I'm a Martha-wannabe, a Jonathan Adler addict, and an all-around home decor junkie. I'm a huge fan of Philippe Starck and I love ghost chairs, and that's why I was so excited to be guest posting on LOVE.INSPIRE.CREATE (because, after all, Christa in constantly inspiring me with her beautiful blog). Enjoy!

A ghost chair is like a piece of art - it can be displayed independently under a ceiling light and inspire the entire space around it. One of Philippe Starck's greatest home decor gifts to the design world, these are eight spaces with bragging rights to his most popular creation: the ghost chair.

See-through style
Ghost Chairs
Fromglascowwithlove via
One of the most incredible things about the ghost chair is its glass-like quality - in a simple kitchen, it blends easily with subtle nearby features like the windows and glassware. We adore the simple pendant light hanging above the dining table to complete the overall look. On land and on sea
Ghost Chairs
One may not even notice this ghost chair, as it is discrete when compared to the coral-speckled light fixtures and vibrant black and white zebra-print rug. Bring in da' colour!
Ghost Chairs
houzz via
These ghost chairs feature loud geometric motifs on sturdy fabrics that appear to almost float against the see-through pieces. The variety of bright blooms in an array of coloured glass vases also heightens the visual interest of this sitting area. Stone and glass
Ghost Chairs
Design Fest via
A cozy workspace such as this is an awesome area that showcases a number of interesting materials, from the weathered stone column and acrylic ghost chair to the metallic wall hanging and ceramic table lamp. Tricky take on decor
Ghost Chairs
A Blonde & a Brunette via
While this dining room looks very "together," there are some facets of the space that give it whimsy, like the fake fireplace that is actually a stand-alone mantel. The glass chairs and crystals on the ceiling light also allow for the white classic country table and architectural mouldings to take centre stage. Pretty playhouse
Ghost Chairs
modern.girl via
The ghost chairs around this tulip table may be oh-so-fashionable, but the eye is instead drawn to the bright flower centerpiece as well as the playful vintage teacups on display. Seating for a full house
Ghost Chairs
My Mini House of Style via
Ghost chairs have become a popular choice for formal events, from posh dinner parties to grandiose weddings. Mixed with other glass and metallic elements along with crisp white linens, a table setting becomes modern yet classy. Double the style
Ghost Chairs
Decorpad via
A pair of ghost chairs offers a quiet sitting area in a bedroom dressed head-to-toe in fabulous fuchsia. The over sized ceiling light also seems less obtrusive with the overwhelming presence of the tufted fabric headboard and vivid bedding.
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