In the Guest Chair with Creative Mind, BoglarkaVera

I'm so excited to have the very creative Hungarian, BoglarkaVera in the guest chair today! If you haven't yet discovered BoglarkaVera's little empire - her Online Store (where you can purchase the above chair), her awesome blog, Pink Flower Love and for those who are lucky to be in Budapest, her Design Studio - be sure to do so! BoglarkaVera is here to share with us some of her favorite styles and give us a little insight to her creative mind! 

From BoglarkaVera...
I am happy to write this guest post for Christa and her great blog - Love.Inspire.Create. I recently opened my design studio in the downtown of Budapest, Hungary. It is an interior design studio combined with a small home decor store and a real (3D) portfolio of my designing style and work. It is a kind of 'window' of my company showing the general style of BoglarkaVera. I love vintage, recycled, flowers, small birds, butterflies, ruffles, lace, strong colors,… everything that is feminine, a bit kitsch and over the top romantic. :)

We are currently busy on organizing an outdoor photo-shoot. We want to style some sets outside, in the woods, where all those hippies would've lived. We will have some vintage-inspired Cinderella interior design sets, some event-like settings with a lot of accessories and decoration. It is so much fun to find all those perfect accessories that complete a certain look.  

We are buying some new collections of fabrics and wallpapers in order to widen our selection of designer fabrics that available in our studio. It is actually a never-ending story, since in each season the designers come out with a couple of new collections. My all-time-favorite fabrics are from the 'Vintage Collection' from Sanderson.

Of course in the meantime we are creating new furniture for clients, handling re-upholstery processes and drawing up some proposals for different interior projects and weddings. I realized that this year everybody is crazy for lavender, it doesn't matter if it is a house or a wedding, it should be composed around lavender! :) And of course, we cannot forget to keep up with all the daily posts for my blog. We write regular posts together with some other creative, Hungarian bloggers as well. Every two weeks, we have a theme together that we both create a post of to see how differently or how similarly we think of the same theme. Every time it is so much fun to see the outcome.
One of the best thing in running an interior design studio is that the work is never the same. Each project is different, each task is always new and challenging, so it keeps us alive, motivated and constantly inspired. 

All Images: BoglarkaVera

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