Road Trip Part 2: Yellowstone Hot Springs

The Road Trip Continues... 
The *hot springs and boiling waters that are scattered throughout Yellowstone are truly out of this world. I was shown photos of Yellowstone before I went and thought it looked pretty unbelievable but let me tell you, it is a million times better in person. The colors, textures, patterns, smells (the sulfur starts to grow on you after a few days), and the heat can never be fully captured in a photograph. I suggest that next summer, you hop in the car or plane and get your self over to this amazing nature wonderland. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. *Side note: The hot springs are probably not what you are thinking of - They are WAY too hot for people to go in so don't think of Yellowstone in spa day kind of way.

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Still to come...

All Images: Love.Inspire.Create

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