Road Trip Part 4: Glacier National Park, Hidden Lake Trail

One of my favorite hikes that Dan and I did while in Glacier was to Hidden Lake. It was an impromptu hike, which probably made it all the better. We had just finished up our hike to Grinnell Lake and decided to explore the Park some more. We were driving along and saw the most beautiful mountain covered with green grass and white snow. Dan and I immediately said, "We need to be on that mountain." So, we did just that. Once we got closer, we were thrilled to see that there was an actual trail. Of course, we didn't really know where the trail led but we really didn't care. Since the Park is covered in snow until June (and sometimes in July), as we got further up the mountain the trail disappeared under big heaping patches of snow, only adding excitement to our adventure. At some points I felt like we were exploring untouched territory on a newly discovered planet. As we continued on our hike, we found out that the trail led to Hidden Lake - a beautiful lake that is wedged in a valley between great peaks surrounding it. We were so glad that we ran with our excitement and hiked this trail because it truly was spectacular and we heard later that it is closed most of the year due to the snowfall. 

Hidden Lake...

Dan and I were sitting and enjoying the view on a small bluff when a mountain goat popped up from below and scared us half to death. I tried to snap a photo but it was mid run which is why this photo is so crooked.

After backing up a few feet from the goat, I was able to snap a few more shots - straight this time.

This is right about the time when the goat gave us his evil eye stare down and we decided we better hit the road.

More Mountain Goats...

Still to Come...

- Going to the Sun Road -

All Images: Love.Inspire.Create


  1. Fantastic photo's Christa. Really enjoying your blog too - really well done!