Gorgeous Gorgeous Green: Inspiration

Over the next few days I will be posting ideas on how to create a Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green Living Room. Green, you say? Yes, green! Not so much a true Christmas green but more of a olive-mossy green - there is no wrong green but I tend to like the more muted greens in living rooms (unless it is emerald). Here are some inspirational images to get you started...


Feature Friday: Aqua Expeditions on the Amazon River, Peru

The M/V Aria
How would you like to explore the Peruvian Amazon River while in the lap of luxury? Doesn't sound possible, right? Well, it wasn't until Aqua Expeditions, a luxury hotel floating on water started cruising the Amazon River. There are two small cruise ships available for your adventure, one capable of holding a max of 24 guest, and the other a maximum of 32 guests. These smaller ships will provide the intimate atmosphere of a 5-star boutique hotel with extreme customer care. Both ships have are designed in a way that allows guests to experience and savor as much of the beauty of the Amazon as possible.  

The M/V Aqua

When the heat and humidity start taking a toll, the M/V Aqua's indoor lounge is comfortably air conditioned and offers light snacks and cocktails for a nice pick-me up or an even nicer wind-me down. 
The outdoor lounge on the M/V Aqua is the perfect spot for sunbathing, reading a book, or wildlife watching. The outdoor lounge also remains open in the evening for cocktails and socializing.
On the Aqua's observation deck, you can be on the look out for pink dolphins, wild birds and monkeys.

The M/V Aqua offers many of the same amenities of that of any other luxury hotel, including a small gift shop for purchasing souvenirs and books about Peruvian culture. 

One of my favorite parts about both the Aria and Aqua cruise ships is that ALL rooms have spectacular views of the Amazon. Large windows face out in every room so not only will you not feel claustrophobic but you won't miss any sites. Sure, the rooms look tiny but does it matter when you wake up to such gorgeous views and you have an outdoor deck upstairs? I think not.
Black Spider Monkey
Just because you are in the middle of the Amazon does not mean you have to eat like a wilderness hiker. Fine dining is available in the restaurant with a menu designed by one Peru's best chefs, Pedro Miguel Schiaffino.
The Endangered Pink Amazon Dolphin
The Three Toed Sloth
The M/V Aria, Aqua Expeditions Newest Ship
The M/V Aria is very similar to the M/V Aqua. They essentially offer the same amenities to the guests but vary in design. The M/V Aria pairs beautiful warm woods with charcoal black, creating a very dramatic yet inviting atmosphere. Besides these visual differences, the Aria provides guest with an outdoor Jacuzzi (see above) and a small exercise room. Sitting in that hot tub while cruising the Amazon sounds pretty awesome to me!
The Aria's lounge and bar is a great place to gather at day or night. Several groupings of seating areas create a great place for guests to mingle with their own friends and family or with other guests. The lounge area has a great elegant tropical feel to it. The rich wood ceiling and floor with the black lamp shades brings in the class and sophistication while the slip-covered linen sofas and island woven wood chairs create a relaxed, low-key vibe.

As with the M/V Aqua, the Aria offers fine dining in a room full of windows.
Both cruise ships have small boats, or skiffs that will take guests around to the more remote areas that are inaccessible by large boat. This a great opportunity for guests to get up close and personal with true Amazonian wildlife.
The Design Suites on board the Aria are the most spacious and have the largest views. These rooms are available with either two singles or one Cal-King bed. All the suites are equipped with fine linens, a private bath and a hot shower (if you ever have been to South America, you will know how exciting that is).
Again, imagining waking up to that view is crazy! I am considering how I can work this trip into my vacation plans this year!

If you are one of those (crazy) well self-controlled people who insist on working out while on vacation, then you better get on the Aria and not the Aqua. The Aria has the essential exercise equipment for breaking a sweat while still enjoying the views of the Amazon through panoramic windows.

I'd happily take a cruise along the Amazon River in either one of these cruise ships. Expeditions are offered over 3, 4 or 7 nights and each have varying itineraries. For pricing and more information, visit Aqua Expeditions.

Source: Aqua Expeditions


In the Guest Chair: Pattern Observer Takes on Fashion Week

We are In the Guest Chair with Michelle from Pattern Observer today! She has been keeping her eye on Fashion Week and developed this special stripe post just for Love.Inspire.Create. readers!

From Michelle:

Hello! This is Michelle from Pattern Observer and I am delighted to share my passion for print and pattern with you today. 

The spring fashion shows recently wrapped up, and one of my favorite trends from the runway is the evolution of the stripe. Stripes are not new to the scene, but have evolved this season with a focus on boldness and texture. Bold stripes fall into two categories: multi-colored brights or over-sized, two color stunners. For something a little less eye-popping, texture is used to tone down bold stripes and add an organic feel. Whichever way you choose to wear them, stripes are definitely here to stay!

Images: Striped Chair , "10 Crosby Derek Lam" by style.com, "Stripes" by Laure Wayaffe, "Stripes" by Tup Wanders, "10 Crosby Derek Lam" by style.com, "Pink Stripes" by Sebastian Raskop, "Ohne Titel" by style.com, "Stripes" by Robyn Jay, 


Organic v Straight Edge

I can't make up my mind as to which I like better, but I am leaning towards organic. I suppose I would like them equally in the appropriate setting but my personal style leads me to organic lines. What about you? Are you a fan of the organic? Or straight edge?

Images: Urban Hardwoods & Urban Zen