Feature Friday: Four Seasons Hotel Marrakech, Morocco

I've been itching for a Moroccan getaway ever since my bff went there several years ago and brought me back this fabulous lantern. While I know it may not be the safest travel destination, I still would love to go. Now, I don't necessarily think that staying at a Western establishment is safer (in fact, it probably is the opposite), but if it makes you feel more comfortable, then you are in luck! The Four Seasons Hotel has recently opened a resort and spa in Marrakech, just a few steps from the ancient walled city of Medina.  

The hotel is surrounded by fanciful Moorish gardens, creating privacy and relaxation. The hotel's decor is contemporary with subtle hints of Moorish decor and architectural details. The design aesthetic may be a little on the bland side for such an exotic location but the great thing about a big name hotel like The Four Seasons is that you know what you are getting - no unpleasant surprises. If you are a bit more adventurous, I'd suggest you head over to a locally owned hotel to get a true Moroccan experience. If you prefer the safe route, then you should be pretty pleased with what the Four Seasons Marrakech has to offer. 

The Four Seasons is a short walk to the largest souk (market) in Morocco and many other sites worth visiting. While you explore, you might see snake charmers, dancers, acrobats and runaway ostriches. Sounds exciting, no? Does the thought of Morocco make you want to put on some jingling earrings, hop on a camel and ride through souks to pick out rugs, woodwork and baskets as much as it does for me?

Source: Four Seasons Hotel Marrakech