Inside the Home of Ellen DeGeneres+ Portia de Rossi

Did you see the latest issue of Architectural Digest? Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi open the doors to their Beverly Hills Estate. The home is beautiful, relaxed and playful. If you have ever seen The Ellen DeGeneres Show or her stand-up, you would expect a bit of humor within her home decor, and that is exactly what you see. 
In the entry of the home, a ping-pong table designed by Rirkrit Tiravanija sets the tone of the couple's sophisticated yet playful home. Their home has is a bit eclectic and a bit country. A few works by Andy Warhol, including an ink drawing of a Puma shoe, help to contribute to the personality of the space.
I absolutely love the fireplace and wood storage - in fact, it's perfect.

Ellen's famous sneakers are neatly organized next to Portia's designer heels.

The backyard has a very peaceful vibe to it. A rectangular pool, surrounded by grass rather than typical cement helps to create a very calm and relaxing atmosphere. I definitely wouldn't mind sunbathing here, how about you?

Source: Architectural Digest

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