Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green: Apply It!

Gorgeous Gorgeous Green Recap

Last week I shared four steps to creating a Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green Living Room. Today, is a little recap of exactly how to apply the four steps and make it yours. Before starting your four steps, you should do some research and find inspirational images that suit your style. Once your brain starts shuffling through ideas, you should be in good shape to being Step One: Select a Fabulous Sofa. The sofa should be a stand-out piece and set the tone for the space. The style of the sofa's back, arms and legs will help determine the other pieces you choose for the room. After your Fabulous Sofa has been selected, begin Step Two: Fun Lighting. When choosing lighting, you not only need to consider style but also function. If you have a space that lacks natural light, you might need more lights or grander pieces. Remember, lighting can be more than a boring table lamp or stand. Lamps can have beautiful artistic glass for bases and chandeliers come in a wide range of styles and prices, so anyone can add stylistic drama to their space. After your sofa and lighting fixtures have been selected, you can have fun with Step Three: Printed Curtains. Your curtains can add extra interest and excitement to your space or can act as a neutralizer. A printed floral or pattern is a great way to introduce accent colors to your room and add pizazz. If you prefer something neutral and more subdued, choose a green curtain for a monochromatic look or a creamy white color. If you go this route, think about finding a  curtain that has a beautiful embroidered pattern so that there is still interest without it being loud and competitive. The last step is Step Four: Accessorize. I find this to be the most fun of the four steps because you get to select items that reflect your personality. Accessorizing includes the decorative pillows, throws, knick-knacks, mirrors and art work. These items should still coordinate with the other items in the space but you have more freedom to find funky or refined items that speak of your personal style. These four steps are basic guidelines and are not cut and dry. If you find something that doesn't fit into these four steps, it doesn't mean you are wrong or breaking a rule of design. Remember to select items that have not only have style, but also, purpose and function. Repetition of color, lines, and textures will ensure that your space is unified and cohesive. 

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