Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green: STEP FOUR


The fourth step in creating a Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green Living Room is great ACCESSORIZING. Home accessories include decorative pillows, throws, and knick-knacks for your room. There are a variety of colors that mix well with green but the key to any mixing and matching is being aware of the tone in your colors. Keeping in the same tone will keep colors from clashing. Accessories such as mirrors, vases and frames in white ceramic or a gold metal will look wonderful with your Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green Living Room. As with choosing curtains, allow the accessories to let your personal style shine through. If you have funky eclectic style, pick a shaggy fabric for the decorative pillows. If you are more sophisticated, choose a beautiful silk fabric. Again, have fun with it and be sure you can see the "you" in your space.
I won't call this the final step because there is always room for new ideas and your Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green Living Room can evolve as your personal style does but these 4 steps should give you a good base for a gorgeous room. 

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