Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green: STEP ONE

A Fabulous Sofa

After doing a little research of finding inspirational images of Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green rooms, you should be ready to dive in and create your own Gorgeous Green Living Room. Your first step to creating a Gorgeous Gorgeous Green Living Room is to select a FABULOUS green sofa. Typically the sofa is the largest piece of furniture in the living room so you want to set the tone of the room by anchoring it down with a stand-out piece. Fine textured upholstery (ie: velvet, leather, linen, etc.) will help make an ordinary green sofa become a GORGEOUS green sofa. A tufted sofa will also help to create visual interest and richness to the room. Once you have established the style of your sofa, you will be ready for step two --- Stay tuned this week for steps two, three & four!

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