Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green: STEP THREE

Printed Curtains

A room is not ever complete until you have curtains on the windows. Once you have picked out the sofa and lighting for your Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green living room, you are ready for step three. The third step to creating a Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green Living room is to find PRINTED curtains for the windows. Curtains are where you can let your personality and taste shine through a bit more. If you have a vibrant and wild personality, you should select a bright contrasting color or floral pattern that reflects that. If you enjoy a more relaxed and calm room, let your eye rest on a creamy white color. If you got this route, don't limit yourself to boring fabrics. Be sure to select one with a rich texture - raised patterns, embroidery and lace give such great texture while remaining solid in color. If you are really loving your Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green Living Room, you should  select a green curtain for a monochromatic look. Choosing a green curtain may seem like too much green but it can actually create a more soothing and unified room if done properly. Remember to let your curtains express a little bit of your personal style and have fun with it. I'll see you back here tomorrow for Step Four!

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