Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green: STEP TWO

Fun Lighting

The second step to a Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Green Living Room is FUN Lighting.  Whether it is a chandelier or a lamp for the side table, don't let it be boring. Look for beautiful green glass that will catch the light or illuminate the base. Your green lamp can either match perfectly with the color of your sofa or it can vary in a few shades lighter or darker - just be sure you have the same hue. Green can sometimes appear in a strange yellow-y shade that for the most part isn't ever a good color. It helps to go shopping with a small fabric swatch of your sofa. Another good tip is to look at the color in a lighting environment similar to your living room. A room full of light can dramatically change a color, just as a very dark room can change a color. Come back tomorrow for Step Three!

In case you missed it... Gorgeous, Gorgeous Green Inspiration and your guide to Step One.

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