In the Guest Chair: Design My Heart Out Loves Orange

Le Versha Chair, Orange eclectic outdoor chairs

I am so please to say that Morgan from Design My Heart Out is In the Guest Chair today! She's a color loving interior designer/blogger in NYC and she is here to share her current love of the color orange. Design My Heart out has endless amounts of inspiration, so be sure you  visit her blog for your daily dose!

From Morgan:

Hello!! Morgan here from www.designmyheartout.com and I'm thrilled to be doing a guest post for Love.Inspire.Create today!! One thing this lady and I have in common is the love we share for color! I'm sure we have many other things in common but I love bonding with people who love color - they are my kind of people!! So since I've let you in on one of my loves let me share a color with you that I am loving lately!


It is a color that always pops- it never lets me down unless it is the burnt orangey kind.
I love www.totaldfc.com it is a Mexican company that makes and sells wacky stuff like this ceramic 20" tall orange horse trophy. Some may find it odd but I would love to have it in my home!
This serving platter named "Maria" also comes from DFC - I dream of the day when I can host a dinner party and serve my guests from this plate. It is weird and that is why I am in love with it!

Every time I walk past Bobby Berk Home in SOHO I always have to stop and say hello to the Queen Love Chair made by Linvin-  Made in a rotational mold, the armchair is a seamless, durable piece of furniture made entirely of recyclable linear polyethylene. Unlike our skin, this chair won't get ruined outside. I love her (she is a queen...) I want to sit on her outside the pool while drinking Shirley Temples.

I can't do a post on orange and not show a lobby designed by my former boss Ghislaine Vinas. Check out her amazing orange bike, the orange entry table and... the beautiful custom orange wallpaper designed by her and her graphic designer husband Jaime Vinas. 

Say hello to my orange doors in my apartment! I had to splash the color orange in somewhere... 

I would love to own this Ola Windsor chair made by Tonning.

There are so many different ways to bring color into your space without going overboard. You can bring it in through furniture, wallpaper and even in your dishes. This is my new favorite color quote by Angelo Donghia: "I owe my color sense to crayons." Well said Angelo!



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