Phyllis Morris: Behind the Pink Poodle Lamp

I am absolutely loving the furniture from Phyllis Morris but I love even more the story of Phyllis Morris! Phyllis first made her way on the Los Angeles design scene in 1953. She began by making lamps by casting molds of her own pink-dyed poodle. Her marketing plan was clever, original, and sooo 1950's. She would deliver the poodle lamps to her clients throughout L.A. in a pink convertible Cadillac, top down, with the poodle lamps and real pink-dyed poodles displayed in the front and back seats. She quickly became recognized and was soon known as the "designer to the stars." Phyllis was a self-made woman with a fabulous marketing approach. She didn't abide by traditional rules or methods; she let her quirky and fun design perspective shine through at all times. After Phyllis passed away in the late 80's, her daughter Jamie Adler took over the family business and has done remarkably well keeping her mother's design aesthetic alive. Phyllis Morris furnishings are strongly influenced by major historical time periods and are offset by modern textiles, a high-gloss coat of paint or Lucite legs. Almost all the pieces from Phyllis Morris can be customized and could work as a stand-alone statement piece or could be worked in to an era-designed space. Here are a few of my faves:

Source: Phyllis Morris


  1. What an amazingly grand design style. Personally, I love it. So fantastic the way she's kept her mothers touch carried through to today. I would definitely love some of these pieces in my home.

  2. Pink is my favorite color and I am a poodle lover so I guess the pink lamp is just perfect for my room.