Nouveau Pop {Up}

I just got back from a fantastic weekend in Palm Springs for Modernism Week. I have many photos that I plan on sharing later this week but first, I wanted to share with you all this amazing artist. As I was leaving the Palm Springs Art Museum, I was lured into a Pop Up Trailer by the San Marino Gallery. Inside were three spectacular artworks by "Nouveau Pop" artist,  Georges Monfils. The artist recreated famous paintings (ie: Girl with Pearl Earring) using over 10,000 Prismacolor pencils. I have never seen anything quite like it - it was truly stunning (and I wish I thought of it). The way Monfils uses the pencils to create dramatic sweeping motions brings the art to life like nothing I've seen before. His work is currently on display at the San Marino Gallery and I highly recommend you go see it for yourself. Truly remarkable.

Above, Monfils uses the round ends of the pencils for the eyes.

All photos via Love.Inspire.Create


Feature Friday: Cuban Style

On this rainy Friday morning, I'm happy to say that Cuba is this Friday's feature. This gloomy day can use some of Cuba's beautiful colors and energy. Cuba is unique in that it is a Caribbean island with many different cultural influences. Cuban architecture and design relies heavily on influences from other cultures and style periods. Spanish and Moorish colonial,  Art Deco, and Neoclassicism are just a few of the architecture styles that can be seen in Cuba. Since I've never been to Cuba, my knowledge is based on only what I have seen and read - if you have any personal experience on Cuban style, I'd love to know!

This photo is a great example of the variety of the architecture styles in Cuba. Look at how the Moorish influenced building in the foreground is so highly contrasted by the blandly (although, I like the colors - very Caribbean) styled and enormous building in the background.

These chairs make me happy.

I am pretty sure that the wear of the wall finish in the photos above are not done with style purpose but I love it; I would definitely want that green wall in my room. While these rooms are quite bare, they have so much character and natural style. Can't you just see these rooms in an Anthropologie catalogue?

How beautiful are the rococo mouldings in these dining room and bedroom? These delicate and wealth associated details certainly have a change of attitude when weathered down and kept neutral.

Again, I love that green wall and the spiraling staircase with such intricate mouldings that are a bit tattered. The distressing of the walls and furniture creates warmth and entices curiosities of the history of the buildings and all who lived or visited there.

Cuba is very interesting to me... probably because Americans aren't exactly welcome there. I would love to go there and see the architecture firsthand and maybe even soak in a bit of that Latin flavor with a dance or two. Anyone want to be my Spanish speaking tour guide?

All images by Havana Style, Ed Angelika Taschen Photos; Gianni Basso/Vega Mg


Spring Voyage: 31 Bits

31 Bits launched their Spring 2011 collection, Voyage, today! If your new to 31 Bits or missed my post about them, see here. This spring collection is making me crave sun rays and sandy beaches. Oh, I can't wait for the weather to warm up!


 Especially This One:


All phots via 31 Bits


Spring Favorites

I went shopping this weekend and I am having trouble resisting the urge to buy everything I see. There are so many fun spring colors and soft worn-in materials at all my favorite stores - It's not helping my "save more money" New Year resolution. I have done pretty well so far (mind you, it's only February) but if I was on a shopping spree these would definitely be in my shopping bag.

J Crew Picks:

Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jean in White Denim    -   Cashmere Stripe V Neck Cardigan                 

Sequin Studio Tank       -      Suede Moped Pant

Kate Spade Picks:
    Candy Shop Jeanette Dress    -    Make A Day Of It Idiom Bangle

Istarsia Bow Cardigan       -        Kate Spade Umbrella
The Journal Newspaper Clutch

iPhone 4 Hard Cover         -         Striped Piper Skirt       
Crystal Corsage Ring       -       Karolina Heel           

        Wispy Cirrus Blouse      -        Saddle Sneakers (Keds)

Seamingly Maxi Skirt      -       Scribble Shorts        

            Glanz Dress       -       Sunny Soiree Dress


Rustic Romance: Destination Wedding

Happy President's Day everyone! Unfortunately, I still have to work today but I just spotted the most beautiful wedding over at Green Wedding Shoes and it made my morning. Shot by the oh-so-talented, Sarah Yates, this wedding oozes with timeless romance. Every detail at this wedding is something to "ooh and ahh" over - Just look at that free standing door that is gorgeously draped with flowers. I mean, c'mon - to die for! The look and feel of this wedding is so soft, so romantic and has just the right bit of rustic charm- Sarah did an amazing job capturing all that on camera.

All photos by Sarah Yates via GWS