Blooming Brazilian Art: Beatriz Mihazes

Pimeta Vemelha (Red Pepper), 2009 Triptych

An artist who has recently caught my eye is Beatriz Mihazes. Born and raised in Brazil, Beatriz' paintings are heavily influenced by Brazilian pop culture and big blooming botanicals that one finds in the Amazon. Bright colors are contrasted by splashes of darker paints, creating very vibrant and very dynamic works of art. Her paintings are absolutely beautiful; free-flowing forms explode with such rhythm and beat. It's not hard to imagine what song they are singing. 
Mariposa, 2004

Avenida Brasil, 2003-2004

Peace & Love, 2005 Gloucester Road Station Project, Platform for Art Underground, London

Palmolive, 2004

Panamerican, 2004

Popeye, 2008


In the Guest Chair: Internationally Inspired Design Trends for 2012

Design trends often follow the traveler.  Popular destinations attract tourists who decorate with their found exotic treasures.  2012 will find homes decorated with rustic treasures, refined and subtle global d├ęcor. 
Bathrooms are the perfect place to have natural wood bathroom vanities and African pottery gracing the shelves. 

Depending on the size of your house plans, tribal masks may be appropriate for the study/library or even in the bedroom if you have a wooden head/foot board.

Globe-trotters are unlikely to have matching pieces, so the eclectic look is entirely acceptable.  Mix colors, fabrics, textures, patterns and styles from different ethnicities to create a truly interesting and unique feel to your home.
 2012 will bring a lot of furniture styles incorporating reclaimed wood too, which will be the perfect base for a multitude of colors and styles.  Anytime you find something that uses reclaimed wood pair it with other global items to provide a balanced tone to the statement. 
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Solariums: Let the Sunshine In

There is nothing I love more in a house than a solarium. Solariums are an indoor space that is encased with windows, allowing the sun to warm the room. Solariums are a great way for those in the city to get a sense of open space and light. Those living in the country or in suburban town can also utilize a solarium to enjoy views of nature and sunlight, even through the winter months. A solarium can be a formal or informal room. It can be  garden-like or tropical in decor. How you decide to use the space of a solarium is also totally up to you. Solariums can be used as a library or reading room, a dining room or a lounging area or even a study; the uses are endless. For those who crave sunlight and feel claustrophobic in 4 walled spaces, consider building a solarium in your home. The warmth of the space will keep you happy until the warm summer months come around.









Designer Spotlight: Chris Barrett Design

Aderno Street Residence

I am currently loving Chris Barrett Design & Textiles. Designer to the stars, Chris Barrett Design & Textiles  gorgeously designs homes and textiles that are inspired by the California coast and early California design. Chris Barrett Designs appear fresh and open. Even a more colorful and patterned room still allows you to breathe steadily due to the amount of negative space left within the space. Chris Barrett Designs are often paired with an equally well designed outdoor space. Backyards, patios, and verandas are cohesively designed with the interior spaces, creating a fluid flow. Chris Barrett Design does commercial and residential design and has a lovely collection of textiles, all appropriately named after seaside towns along the California coast.


 Big Sur
 Fisher Street Residence:


 Loma Linda Residence:


Pasadena Residence:



MAXIMIZE Your Wardrobe

It may be raining outside my window but it's not stopping me from dreaming of flowy maxi dresses that I hope to twirl in this Spring. Maxi dresses are fabulous for all occasions; you can dress them up or dress them down and they are incredibly comfortable. Maxi dresses may cost a bit more than other articles of clothing but all you need is the dress... the stress of finding a matching top and bottom piece is out the window. Here are a few of my favorites from Shopbop...