Back from the Canyon...

I am finally back! I apologize for the long break I took but I needed an extra week off after my trip to the Grand Canyon because (drumroll please) I got engaged! I'll skip all the tiny details but in summary, my long time boyfriend proposed as we were overlooking the grandest canyon of all and I joyfully said "Yes!" When I returned home, I took the time that I use for blogging to start my wedding venue search - which is far more exhausting that I expected. I'll be sure to share more information on this in weeks to come. Anywho, I am glad to be back and blogging!

It was quite cold while we were at the Grand Canyon so all the hiking trails were too icy for us to explore. It was always a dream of mine to see Monument Valley so we made a side trip there and fulfilled one of my many "take me there"/bucket list dreams. Monument Valley was only a few hours from Grand Canyon so it was a quick turn-around trip but honestly, you don't need more than a day to see it all. I was surprised to discover that the monuments or mesas were as giant as they were. It was a little disappointing that most of them were not as accessible as I had envisioned. I had imagined being able to run right up to them but most are just seen from the one road that circles through the valley. I don't recommend going here unless it is close to another destination of yours. If you are nearby, you will only need an hour or so to visit so it's a perfect little side trip. I hope you all enjoyed the Holidays and I look forward to sharing another year with you all! xxoo

All Images: Love.Inspire.Create


  1. Congratulation to you :)
    What an amazing and exciting start into a even more amazing and exciting year ... have fun with all the planning ... and then of course your special day somewhen.

    Love. Lysann x

  2. @PureLivingInteriors, thank you! I am so excited!!!

  3. Congratulations, I love the pictures you posted. Happy New Year and we look forward to your wedding planning journey, you do inspire! From tnewgrl24@yahoo.com