Blooming Brazilian Art: Beatriz Mihazes

Pimeta Vemelha (Red Pepper), 2009 Triptych

An artist who has recently caught my eye is Beatriz Mihazes. Born and raised in Brazil, Beatriz' paintings are heavily influenced by Brazilian pop culture and big blooming botanicals that one finds in the Amazon. Bright colors are contrasted by splashes of darker paints, creating very vibrant and very dynamic works of art. Her paintings are absolutely beautiful; free-flowing forms explode with such rhythm and beat. It's not hard to imagine what song they are singing. 
Mariposa, 2004

Avenida Brasil, 2003-2004

Peace & Love, 2005 Gloucester Road Station Project, Platform for Art Underground, London

Palmolive, 2004

Panamerican, 2004

Popeye, 2008