Designer Spotlight: Chris Barrett Design

Aderno Street Residence

I am currently loving Chris Barrett Design & Textiles. Designer to the stars, Chris Barrett Design & Textiles  gorgeously designs homes and textiles that are inspired by the California coast and early California design. Chris Barrett Designs appear fresh and open. Even a more colorful and patterned room still allows you to breathe steadily due to the amount of negative space left within the space. Chris Barrett Designs are often paired with an equally well designed outdoor space. Backyards, patios, and verandas are cohesively designed with the interior spaces, creating a fluid flow. Chris Barrett Design does commercial and residential design and has a lovely collection of textiles, all appropriately named after seaside towns along the California coast.


 Big Sur
 Fisher Street Residence:


 Loma Linda Residence:


Pasadena Residence:


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  1. I adore the Loma Linda and Pasadena residence pics.