Feature Friday: GT Fish & Oyster, Chicago

I may not be a seafood fanatic but I certainly am loving the design of GT Fish & Oyster in Chicago. The creative half traditional/half modern menu was designed by Giuseppe Tentori and is paired perfectly with an interior designed by 555 International that follows this creative half traditional/half modern aesthetic.

The restaurant is reminiscent of an old boathouse that has been infused with elements of a very sleek yacht. The contrast of the old and new is very apparent in the furniture selection and placement. Some of the tables and chairs are traditional and rustic while the others are tailored and modern. 

Oil paintings of ships are hung neatly and selectively around the restaurant's creamy painted paneled walls, adding to that feeling of the old boathouse.

Even if seafood is not your favorite, the restaurant is a great place to meet friends for drinks. There is a menu of wine, locally-focused beer and a cocktail list, created by BRG's resident mixologist, Benjamin Schiller. The cocktails are limited to no more than 5 ingredients each. Such featured sips include Apricot Blossom with Prosecco, apricot liquer, and rose water; Hayman's Old Tom, Primm's No. 1, cucumber, and grapefruit oil; and the Highland Daisy with Altos Plata Tequila, blackberry syrup, lemon, mint. Sounds delicious to me!

One of my favorite elements in the restaurant is the lighting fixtures. Sailing ropes spill out of the wall and knot themselves around a beam of light. Clever and functional; the keys to a successful design!

GT Fish & Oyster has the appeal of an old private fisherman's club with the glamour of modern features and deliciously mixed cocktails. GT Fish & Oyster is the perfect place to dive into a decadent seafood feast or to grab drinks after a long day of work. 

Source: GT Fish & Oyster & 555 International, Inc.

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  1. Hmmm The room is gorgeous inside, evocative. Polished ivory wood slats adorn the walls and ceiling; the teakwood floor in the dining room resembles boat planks. Awesome pics!