In the Guest Chair: Internationally Inspired Design Trends for 2012

Design trends often follow the traveler.  Popular destinations attract tourists who decorate with their found exotic treasures.  2012 will find homes decorated with rustic treasures, refined and subtle global décor. 
Bathrooms are the perfect place to have natural wood bathroom vanities and African pottery gracing the shelves. 

Depending on the size of your house plans, tribal masks may be appropriate for the study/library or even in the bedroom if you have a wooden head/foot board.

Globe-trotters are unlikely to have matching pieces, so the eclectic look is entirely acceptable.  Mix colors, fabrics, textures, patterns and styles from different ethnicities to create a truly interesting and unique feel to your home.
 2012 will bring a lot of furniture styles incorporating reclaimed wood too, which will be the perfect base for a multitude of colors and styles.  Anytime you find something that uses reclaimed wood pair it with other global items to provide a balanced tone to the statement. 
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  1. My heart literally skipped a beat! These are gorgeous, all of them:) The patterns are dancing in front of me, the colors are ravishing, the mix is incredible. Sigh...