Clever Outdoor Heaters

Kindle Living cleverly designed these larger than life heating floor lamps with styles that can fit any traditional, modern or contemporary home or commercial space. The shade of the lamp helps to direct the heat downwards rather than dissipating upwards and outwards, making it a very efficient heat source. Kindle Heater shells are made of 100% recyclable composite materials that are impact resistant, UV protected, virtually chemical proof, and easy to clean. These heat lamps are such a breath of fresh air from the usual metal heat lamps that you see at most restaurants. Even Oprah is a big fan or Kindle Living heat lamps so you know it has to be a good product!

Living Water Aeration has come out with a new and exciting product, Fire Fountains. These fountains combine fire and water in one piece and create a very nice focal point for a courtyard or backyard. 

Heatscope is a heat strip product from Green Chance, Inc. The best thing about heat strips is that they are non-instursive to the design of your space. They can be easily masked depending on how you mount them to the wall or ceiling. Heatscope emits no greenhouse gases, is weather resistant, and distributes heat evenly. 

Also made by Green Chance, Inc, is the Mensa Heater. This genius design holds the heater in the base of a table - keeping your legs perfectly warm! For someone like me, who is always freezing, this is the best design I have seen in a long time. Talk about efficiency! One Mensa Heating Table is equal to the same running cost as 1 traditional gas heater and uses 80% less carbon dioxide than gas heaters. These heaters are great for those who are tight on space and wish not to have a big bulky heater disturbing their space.