Feature Friday: The Traveling Bar/Great American Woody

Interior Designer, Brad Milford and talented barman, Jim Meehan hit the open road this past year in a gorgeous, one-of-a kind, Great American Woody to sell cocktails and raise money for DIFFA, an AIDS foundation. After several months on the road, the two ended up in NY to auction of the Woody for chairty.  The two traveled from coast-to-coast in a teardrop shaped trailer, that came fully equipped with a fully functioning cocktail bar for them to sell fancy drinks, sleeping accommodations for two, a kitchen, and storage space for up to 30 bottles of wine or spirits and a keg of beer with draught tap. It's pretty amazing that all that can fit in such a small space but with the help of leather designers, Moore & Giles and the expertise of barman, Jim Meehan, it only makes sense.  
The trailer was fully restored in the style of the 1930's and finished with wood paneling and leather details. The two men guaranteed entertainment would be provided by adding a built-in Sony Blu-Ray Player with Golden Ear speakers. Brad says, "The Woody combines modern day luxury with the charm ofthe origingal tear drop campers built in the '30's."

The two served fancy cocktails with names like Five Island Flamingo and Leapfrog. If you are a cocktail enthusiast and are sad you missed the traveling bar, be sure to see the full list of their cocktails & recipes here.
In addition to the collaboration of renovating the teardrop trailer with Moore & Giles, Jim Meehan designed a leather bar-rollup for Moore & Giles. The stylish rollup is a great gift for professinoal bartenders or for those who simply love the craft of making serious cocktails. The bar-rollup can double as a way for chefs & fans of The Food Network to carry their knives and kitchen tools.

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