For the Love of Starbucks

I know there are a lot of people who despise Starbucks but not me, I am a loyal Starbucks drinker and lover. When I was very little I remember visiting Seattle with my parents and we would make a special detour just so they could get their perfect cup of coffee and my siblings and I would get a hot chocolate. I guess you could say Starbucks has been embedded in my taste buds and childhood memories. As you all know, we no longer have to wait for a trip to Seattle to get that delicious cup of jo. Starbucks is on every corner and in almost every country. Some might see this as a curse but I say THANK GOODNESS! Sure, I appreciate the small underdog coffee shops that are funky and unique but I've tried their coffee and their teas and they just don't satisfy. One of the many things I appreciate about Starbucks is the design of their stores. The stores are updated frequently and are slightly individualized to their location. A prime example of the adaptation of their stores is the shop in Fukuoka, Japan. Designed by Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, the store utilized the country's resources and style. Most importantly, the store is most definitely still recognizable as a Starbucks but it has fused the attributes of the American Starbucks store with the architecture and design one would find in Japan. For those of you who love Starbucks as much as me, you should be happy to know that Starbucks is putting a store in Disneyland! I am very curious if they will choose to incorporate Disney-like themes into the store design on not. We shall see! Zippity Doo Da!


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