Mill Valley Garden Cabins: Garden, Yoga & Artist Studio

Feldman Architecture was hired to build two coordinating cabins for a client on a hillside in Mill Valley, CA. In addition to the main cabin, the client's wishes were to have an "accessory cabin" for an artist studio, a place to practice yoga and a guest cabin. The architects incorporated the client's love for gardening into the design through the placement of the cabins. The main cabin sits above the accessory cabin, allowing the clients to admire the green roof of the accessory cabin below. The green roof is clad in rows of succulents, helping to blend the accessory cabin into the landscape of the hillside. If I stayed in these cabins I can see myself wishing for rain so I can sleep in extra late, then ease into the day with a yummy cup of coffee, followed by a little yoga and an evening in the art studio. Sounds pretty dreamy to me!

Source: Contemporist