Mix + Match: Classic Moderns + New Moderns

Classic moderns are fairly recognizable, even to those who have very little knowledge about mid-century Modernism. Classic modern pieces from designers such as the Eames, Nelson, Saarinen and Le Corbusier have shown up in films, television, magazines and ads time and time again. These designers undoubtely made some of the most iconic pieces from their time and they are just as popular now as they were then. The great thing about furniture from the mid-century is that it can so easily be incoporated into any styled space. The pieces instanly create a statement when paired with other items; whether it be one of stark contrast or funky ecclectism, they flawlessly integrate with one another.  Newly designed modern furniture also mixes fantastically with the classic moderns. By mixing in newly designed pieces with the classic, you will most likely be saving money and also creating a more interesting space. The same fundamentals of modernism will exist in both pieces, sure, but the perspective of the mid-century designer vs. one in present day will be sure to have different techniques and a different outlook on how they view Modernism.