Unique Ways to Define Your Space

Whether you are working with an enormous space or an itty-bitty one, it is important to define the space and its intended use. This task can be tricky due to irregular room shapes, a lack of space, a lack of money and several other factors. Furniture arrangement plays a big part in the function of a space but not having the right pieces or a space that is too small for a ton of furniture can prevent you from properly defining the space. Sure, you can build walls for a solid definition but that is costly and permanent and not always the best solution. If you are working with a small space, putting in a wall is only going to make it smaller and harder to get around. If you cannot define the space with just your furniture, try adding a sheer screen. Using screens does not mean you have to use the old folding bi/tri fold type. There are hundreds of fabulous designs of hanging and standing screens in all types of colors and styles. While solid screens do exist, I find it always looks best when you can see through the screen, even if you it is just to see shadows. Being able to see a hint of the other side will create interest and intrigue you to move throughout your home or office. My recent favorites are from Module R

Source: Module R

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