Fashion for Home is a great source for unique furniture pieces. You might think that a unique piece of furniture is not something that you want to spend your money on but when it's a well-designed piece that you can use the rest of your life, it is worth it. Fashion for Home carries furniture collections that range in styles from french country to eco-modern. My favorite two collections at the moment are the Finement Bureau and the Shipwood. Of course, I tend to love every style so these two collections are nothing alike and I honestly wouldn't be able to make up my mind if I could only choose one. I love the Finement Bureau because it is classic in its outlining structure but it's presence is up to date due to the black finish and funky painted colored drawers. 

On the otherhand, the Shipwood collection is everything that the Finement Bureau is not. It's straight edged, modern and (this is my favorite part, drumroll...) it features reclaimed wood from Chinese fishing boats.  The collection uses antique pieces of recycled ship wood from trade boats from the Pearl, Li, Yangtze and Huang Rivers in Southern China. Some pieces include Douglas Fir and Teak Wood from boats as old as the Qing Dynasty. These salvaged pieces have small indentations from years spent on the water, adding great character and an interesting history to your one of a kind piece. If you could just choose one, which would you select? I think I might be leaning towards the Shipwood collection!


Gorgeous Kitchens by Scavolini


Scavolini kitchens are absolutely stunning! Several design styles are offered and executed impeccably well. From country to traditional to sleek and modern, they've got it all. You might think that several kitchen design companies offer the same variety of styles but I haven't seen this level of detail and clever design in quite some time. Some of my favorite model kitchens from Scavolini are the Cora, the Margot and the Long Island. In the Cora collection, funky architectural elements are added to create personality and unexpected interest. The Margot has a corner stove - enough said. The Long Island is warm and simple, adding a little more punch to the everyday person's kitchen. I especially think the Long Island is fantastic because I can picture anyone, and I mean ANYONE in that kitchen - from Martha Stewart to a workaholic zapping their food in the micro. I would love to have any of these kitchens... which is your favorite?


Long Island