Top 10 Best Settees on the Market

I searched the usual stores - West Elm, Anthropologie, Target, etc. - for the top 10 best settees and came up with some gorgeous options! A settee can have many purposes... 

A settee is an excellent substitute for a sofa when you have a small space.  Settees are often more refined and delicate than sofas. Large bulky sofas can weigh down a room and overpower the space. Settees will remain light in a tight space and create a luxurious feel. 

A settee can be an alternative dining seat. Well tailored settees can take the place of a few dining chairs at a rectangular dining table. The bench seating with the high back will create drama and interest at your usually drab table. 

Settees are the perfect size for filling small areas that require seating. Placing a settee in an entryway or  at the end of a bed can be very elegant and functional. A settee in these small spaces will help you while you're putting your shoes on or when you need to throw down your purse as you walk in the door. Can you think of any other good places or uses for a settee?