Raw & Vintage Finds from ABC Home

The hunt for a funky vintage chair that will make your whole room come to life or a great one-of-a-kind piece can be challenging and utterly exhausting. However, the thrill of finding THAT piece, is a beautiful feeling. Unfortunately, not everyone has the patience nor the eye to sort through an enormous store filled with old stuff/junk and just because you might not be cut out for thrift stores and antiquing, does not mean that you can't have a passion for antique or vintage finds. Honestly, it is a little dirty, a whole lot of dusty and it leaves you wanting to take a shower... or maybe that is just me? Luckily, ABC Home has an online assortment of pre-selected vintage and raw pieces that make an OCD's life a dream. No sorting, no sneezing (from too much dust) no bargaining. It's all very straight forward. Here are just a few of my favorites...


Color Trend: It's A Mint n' Chip Kind of a Summer

Viscid Watch

Have you caught on to the mint-obsession train yet? I would like to think I was one of the first on board. Mint is such a beautiful and practical color... its icy-like quality is refreshing, like a cool breeze on a hot summer day and yet it can be worn in winter, channeling the fluffy mint pillow candies being crafted in the North Pole. Mint is a gorgeous color for those with  a deep dark tan and it still compliments those with a light complexion. Work mint into your wardrobe, your home and anywhere else you can think of. This color is sure to make your day better with its calming whispers and versatility throughout the year. 

Redinha Sandals

All this mint talk has got me in the mood for mint n' chip ice cream from Thrifty. Mmmm... the taste of summer!


Mill Valley Garden Cabins: Garden, Yoga & Artist Studio

Feldman Architecture was hired to build two coordinating cabins for a client on a hillside in Mill Valley, CA. In addition to the main cabin, the client's wishes were to have an "accessory cabin" for an artist studio, a place to practice yoga and a guest cabin. The architects incorporated the client's love for gardening into the design through the placement of the cabins. The main cabin sits above the accessory cabin, allowing the clients to admire the green roof of the accessory cabin below. The green roof is clad in rows of succulents, helping to blend the accessory cabin into the landscape of the hillside. If I stayed in these cabins I can see myself wishing for rain so I can sleep in extra late, then ease into the day with a yummy cup of coffee, followed by a little yoga and an evening in the art studio. Sounds pretty dreamy to me!

Source: Contemporist