Marrakesh Country Club Home Tour

As I mentioned earlier, I recently attended Modernism Week in Palm Springs. I truly was impressed with every tour we signed up for. One being, the Marrakesh Country Club Home Tour. I really had no clue going into it what it would be like but boy, was I impressed! As we were shuttled into the private community, my mouth started to drop. I felt like I had been whisked away to Pleasantville or the neighborhood from Edward Scissorhands. It was so pristine, so perfectly manicured; a place of immaculate living. As you drive in, you are welcomed by a dramatic slope of perfectly tailored hedges, pink and white flowers and fountains, all leading to the clubhouse. The entire community was designed by architect, John Elgin Woolf. Woolf was a very famous architect at the time and was sought out by several celebrities for his famed "Hollywood Regency" style. Many of his projects were featured in Architectural Digest, Town and Country and Vogue.  "Regency's theatrical style is one of restrained opulence with carefully scaled architectural elements in perfect balance." The Regency style at the Marrakesh Country Club is so well maintained that one would think it was frozen in time or newly built. 

View of the golf course from the clubhouse. 

The first house on our tour was of one that truly was frozen in time. The house looks exactly as it did when it was first built and designed in the early 1970's. Interior designer, Ed Carlmark designed this home for the original owners who eventually passed their home on to their daughter. She and her parents kept almost the entire design exactly the same all these years. I was told Carlmark had been there earlier and was in awe of finding his 1970's design just as he had left it. 
Entrance to the early 1970's home

Front patio of the home.

The second I stepped foot into this home, I started grinning from ear to ear. The bright lime green and white color combo created such a happy energy that it was impossible not to love it. Pops of lemon and orange appear every now and again, providing another ounce of happiness. One of my favorite details in the decor was the green upholstery piece that framed the bottom of the television. The fabric is the same print as the one that is used for the curtains and chair cushions. 

How fantastic is the side table/lamp?!

View of the living room from the back of the house, looking toward the front door.

Even the laundry room carries the color scheme with a lime green and lemon yellow plaid wallpaper.

The kitchen.

A luscious lemon tree sits outside the kitchen window. Makes me wonder if the lemon tree came first or if the interior design plan did... the color combo is just too perfect!

Kitchen Clock.

Formal dining room table. 

Don't you just love this print?
...and this chair!

View from the back patio. Like I said, it's a dreamland.
One of the two bedrooms - still carrying the lime green and white color scheme. 
View of the bedroom, looking out on to the back patio.

Both bedrooms have an attached bathroom. This one is clad in mylar wallpaper (I seriously love that stuff!) and has a window looking out into a side garden. 

Tulip lamp

The second of the two bedrooms.
The attached bath from the second bedroom - such fun wallpaper!
A few Mexican decor items help to enhance the vibrancy of this colorful bathroom.

As I mentioned, the Marrakesh Country Club was like being in another world or another time. Walking around the Country Club, I saw the friendliest lady driving her golf cart around and she was dressed to the nines. Keep in mind it was mid-afternoon. The people there all seemed to have this lovely care-free attitude and it surely made me want to live there. Perhaps it is because they are probably all mostly retired? Who knows, either way, it's the kind of life I would like to live!

All photos: Love.Inspire.Create