The Marrakesh Tour Continues...

If you saw my post last week on the Marrakesh Country Club, you will know that I visited Palm Springs Modernism Week. There were several open houses on the Marrakesh Country Club home tour. The "Medina" house was the second home we visited and was for sale. A group of interior designers designed this home for the tour. Appropriately,  this home was modern with a lot of Moroccan influence. I really enjoyed the design in this home except I felt a big disconnect from one of the three bedrooms to the rest of the home. Come inside and I'll tell you why.

The front patio of the home.
The first thing you see as you walk in the door is this wonderful partition. I thought the designers did an amazing job of bringing in the Moroccan influence with the pattern but the grey and white color palette kept it very modern and clean. 
Peek around the partition and you will find a rich creamy living room.

The fireplace wall was one of my favorite things on our entire tour. I though that the wallpapered fireplace was genius. The fireplace is a beautiful focal point and is framed by stunning lacquered white light fixtures. Each light fixture has a built in seat with storage below. Again, the mostly neutral palette but bold graphic patterns is such a success for marrying Moroccan design in a modern home. 

Gorgeous, right?

My lovely mother (on the right) and I took a second to pose on the back side of the entryway partition. I just so happened to coordinate very well with the home. 
The back patio wasn't all that exciting but as all the Marrakesh homes have, there was very relaxing view of the pristine grounds and the pool wasn't too far in the distance.
This is one of the three bedrooms of the home. The designers chose to make it more of a bonus room for lounging and watching television. I thought the red ikat poufs were a great idea for versatile seating. I actually recognized them from Target... they are really for the outdoors but I thought that since this room opens up to the front patio, they could easily be used inside or outside and still coordinate with the patio decor. I am not sure if that was the designer's thought process on that or not but I think it's a good idea!
The sofa in the bonus room has a lovely array of pillows, again, coordinating well with the outdoor patio fabrics for an easy transition from indoor/outdoor. 

A Palm Springs home is never complete without an Audrey.

The lounge area directly outside of the bonus room. As you can see, the same pillows are used here. 

The guest bathroom.
The master bedroom has a beautiful wood carved headboard with colorful pillows, while the rest of the room remains mostly neutral. The master has access to the back patio; a place where I would love to sip my morning coffee. 
The dark console and dark blue painting is a very nice anchor to the room. I am not that crazy about the hanging light fixture but I can see why some people would like it.
As wild as I was about the fireplace wall in this home, the master bath was by far my favorite thing in the home, if not entire tour. The cabinet pulls are simply to die for and the styling of the accessories is beyond! 

How gorgeous is this bath tub and light fixture? I mean, I'm drooling here! I love that everything is offset. Perfection. 
This is where the disconnect for me occurs... this guest bedroom looses me on the color palette and with the furniture selection. 
The guest bedroom has an attached bath which I really, really want to like but the color choice of the painted design makes me cringe. I see the Moroccan influence but I lose the modern/contemporary here. The sinks and the mirrors are gorgeous but they get lost by the overpowering color on the walls. Perhaps if the designer used the same grey from the entryway partition, the painted pattern would not overwhelm the space?  
Like I said, I reallllly want to like this bathroom; I mean, look at the tub, it's beautiful! I just can't get past the color palette - I feel like the colors are shouting at each other. I really feel that this bathroom would have been a success if the colors remained neutral. What do you think? Do you think this bathroom is a hit or a miss? 

All Photos: Love.Inspire.Create