5 Must See Landmark L.A. Homes

As sad as it may be, it is easy to forget how much art and design is at our fingertips on a daily basis. Living an hour south of Los Angeles and an hour north of San Diego, one would think that that would be impossible. Maybe it's the distraction of the beach or a daily routine of eat-work-sleep-repeat? Regardless, it is unacceptable. No matter what your interest, there is something for you to do or see nearby. Los Angeles is FILLED with amazing historical and significant architecture. I've only recently begun my quest to see every last piece of it. In case you would like to join me, here are a few landmark homes to get your architectural journey started.  

1. Chemosphere by John Lautner 2. Ennis House by Frank Lloyd Wright 3The Eames House by Charles and Ray Eames 4. Kappe House by Ray Kappe 5Gehry House by Frank Gehry


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