Royal Hawaiian Estates (Cont.), Palm Springs, CA

On Monday, I shared one of my favorite homes on my tour of the Royal Hawaiian Estates. Today, I'll be sharing my other favorite, which is very different than the vintage-tiki style of the other home. This home literally made my jaw drop and I kept repeating to myself, "I want this, I love this. I want this, I love this." I am a sucker for bright colors and this house was sunshine YELLOW. Yellow kitchen cabinets, yellow wallpaper, yellow leather sofa (OMG!), yellow, yellow, yellow! Needless to say, I was in yellow heaven. The owner of this home purchased it from a family that had kept everything original. All the furniture, wallpaper, lamps, and some of the kitchen appliances were left exactly as they were when they were first put in, in the early 60's. Come in and let me show you...

The kitchen wallpaper was to die for - well, actually, ALL of the wallpaper in this home was to die for. The bold yellow color creates fun energetic vibrations. However, the formal pattern on the wallpaper, and its glitzy sheen, create a sense of sophistication. 
The simplicity of the black and white dining set gives the eyes a place to rest but also acts as a great contrasting piece to the brightness of the yellow. I can't forge to mention the pendant light above the table... perfection. If you saw the home I showed on Monday, you will instantly recognize how different these two homes are in style. However, this home still has a significant amount of tropical island influence throughout. The chairs and the shelving against the wall have bamboo framing. If the chairs and shelving were in a natural bamboo wood color, it would definitely come across "tiki" style. However, the white lacquered paint presents an entirely different look but still carries the same underlying theme. 

I am so glad that the original homeowners decided to carry the wallpaper throughout the kitchen walls. Who needs tile when you've got paper like this? 

Check out the original stove - so small but it has everything you need.

Hello fabulous living room! Look at that furniture! The side tables are so heavy and intricate with carvings. It's hard to find that kind of quality these days. This room is so balanced but I love that the lamps and side tables are not exactly the same on both sides. It's hard to see in these photos but the carpet was this sorta mixed green, white and yellow color that was so unique and so fitting for the colors in the home. 
Looking at the other side of the living room, towards the back patio. How fabulous is that lamp/side table? 

Coming off of the living room was a little family/bonus room. This room had my heart skipping a few beats. I mean, a yellow leather sofa and painted yellow built ins?!  I can only dream of having such things.

Seriously. Gorgeous.

As if the kitchen wallpaper and the yellow leather sofa weren't enough for me to die over, this fantastic yellow tropical wallpaper had to be plastered onto the guest bathroom walls. Killing me here. I so badly wanted to take those beautiful tropical fronds home with me.
The guest bedroom was small but spectacular. The green bamboo wallpaper was a nice change up from the yellow found in the rest of the house but was definitely not out of place. It fit right in with the green/white/yellowish carpeting and the subtle tropical tones throughout the house. The headboard and the nightstands help to carry the same subtle tropical feeling through and through.

Do you love the green lamps as much as I do? BEAUTIFUL!

The master bedroom and vanity area continued to make me fall in love. The big yellow balloon shaped lamps were perfect for this room. Not too yellow, not too intricate; they were just right.

As you can see, the nightstands, headboard (previous picture) and the dresser, all seem to be part of the same collection as the furniture in the living room. The pieces remind me of the type of furniture that would be in an old plantation house on the Hawaiian Islands. The pieces are regal but not over the top. It's that relaxed sophistication that wealthy islanders pull off so well.

Let's talk about this wall sconce for a second. First of all, I love that there is only one being used here - it makes it that much more of a statement piece. Second, the coppery metal scrolls are such a beautiful contrast to the graceful dripping threads of the shade. Third, the gold orbs at the top and bottom of the shade  create an exotic touch, as if the lamp came from far away land in the South Pacific. 
Again, the wallpaper in this home is the sort of thing I dream of. Botanical prints covering a closet/vanity area is so, so dreamy.  Can you imagine getting ready on that bench every morning? Seriously, I am not kidding when I say I dream of such things. 

As I mentioned on Monday, at the end of the tour Donald Wexler was available for a meet and greet. Although I did not talk to him, I snapped his photo (he's the man on the right) and tried to listen in to what other people were talking to him about. Yes, I am a total eavesdropper. I would love to own one of these tropical oasis in the desert one day. I already can't wait for next year's Modernism Week!


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